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We deliver stories in a creative way,
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Rumi Films was founded by young filmmaker Sadam Wahidi in 2014, It aims to produce quality and professional level Narrative/fiction films, as a film production company based in Kabul- Afghanistan, we are able to work all over Afghanistan in any circumstances as aboard. Our strength is creativity, flexibility, interdisciplinary expertise, passion and innovation.
We are able to make low budget films (Fiction and Documentary) using the best resources. The equipment we have are up to date and are sufficient to produce a quality film.
Since Rumi Films has been established, produced three short fiction films, three documentaries and many short clips. 
In 2015, short film “You are not American” has been officially selected in 28 International Film festivals and won four international awards.
In 2016, short film “Mary Mother” has been officially selected in more than 70 International Film festivals including Academy Awards Qualifying Film Festival, and won 24 awards yet.
In 2017 Rumi Films Production produced short film “The Luck Bird” which is selected in 28 International film festivals and won one award yet.
Currently Rumi Films team is working on four new projects which are short and feature Narrative and documentaries.

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