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Sadam Wahidi was born at 1991 in Kabul. When he was 9 years old, He started working at BBC Radio AEP as actor and announcer in the children programs.

At age 14 he directed his first experimental film (34 minute).

During school period He acted in many TV Commercials, two feature films and two TV serials.

Sadam Wahidi established an independent film production (Rumi Films Production) in 2014 wrote and directed (You are not American) short film in 2015, (Mary Mother) short film in 2016 and (The Luck Bird) short film in 2017.

His films officially selected for competition in more than 100- international film festivals including Oscar qualifying festival and won 27 international awards yet.

He attendent Asian Film Academy (South Korea) as a Director in 2017.

He can speack in Dari (Persian), Pashtu, Urdu, English, a bit French and Russian languages.

Director's pic in CV.jpg

Mary Mother - Trailer

You are Not American - Trailer

The Luck Bird - Trailer

Asian Film Academy Attendance

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