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Want to make film in Afghanistan?

That is a really good idea! You will have some unseen breathtaking landscapes, natural decorations, and the place which world is talking about it. 
The first think may come to your mind is the security here. Well the thing made you worry about Afghanistan is the media, it is note safe like New York but nor dangerous as you see it from media. 

Some parts in south and south east of Afghanistan could be unsecure for filmmakers but north, east, west and central Afghanistan is secure.

 We could help you with a simple legal security, it is cheap and trusted. Even we can take you to any place of Afghanistan with a group of free army!
We can help you before your departure, to design your project, hunt locations, cast the talents, explore the culture, understand the costumes and any kind of research.

No worries about your accommodation, it is very cheap, safe and friendly same as transportation. I am sure you love organic food specially the fruits! Yes Afghanistan if full of it.

We can help you with pre-production step as well as at the whole production process. 
If you are an independent filmmaker we can offer you a package of run and gun equipment with young and talented crew.

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